Using The Feldenkrais MethodĀ® To Improve Health and Wellness

I like what I do. No, I love what I do. I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

The Feldenkrais Method has been around since the middle of the last century. But in the United States few people know about it. In Germany, by contrast, Feldenkrais classes are as common as yoga classes. But the Method is getting more attention here these days.

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What Is Feldenkrais?

Choose one response. Feldenkrais is:

a) a 20th century physicist, inventor, martial artist and author

b) used to heal the body through gentle touch

c) a somatic educational method used to improve movement

d) neuromuscular re-education

e) All of the above

If you chose any of the responses to the right, you are correct! Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc. (1904-1984), developed the Feldenkrais MethodĀ® of Somatic Education. The method im- proves movement through gentle touch and guided movement. People often experience the method as healing. In a clinical or therapeutic setting, it is called neuromuscular re-education.

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